Wahnsinn im Alltag

Especially for Sanna
Oktober 13, 2009, 8:37 am
Filed under: Wahnsinn im Alltag

Hi, Sanna,

I know you are checking my blog, though you don’t read German. It might sound crazy, but does make sense: If I’m blogging, I’m still alive, even if I do not find time to get in touch with my friends and relatives.

Thanks a lot for your letter! I’m always happy to hear from you. And the nice black cat birthday card now is decorating the wall of my office.


You’ll hear/read from me soon, I promise!

PS: Those readers who might speak a much better English than I do may or may not laugh. Even if English is neither Sanna’s nor my native language it serves us well as a „common denominator“ – for about 33 years now.

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